Wednesday, September 19, 2012

oh high school.

Sometimes, my life is so strange, I feel  like I'm living in a sitcom. Too bad I don't have background music or a laugh track. Just kidding, laugh tracks are lame.


I have this phobia that I'm going to go to the wrong classes on the wrong day. And I'll just walk into my Honors Chem class that has a bunch of seniors in it. So today, I was walking into chem when I walked in and I didn't recognize anyone, I panicked. Full on freaking out. I ran right out of there and down the hall, when I saw a couple of kids that I did recognize walk into the same class. Turns out that I don't pay attention to the faces in that class, because it actually WAS my class. Crisis averted.

Also today, I was walking to the tech center at the beginning of fourth period, so I was sweating and disgusting. I also had my giant backpack and my hair was on top of my head (just so you can get the picture). Junho was flat tiring me, so I turned around in a random rage and tried to punch him in the stomach. Usually, I just ignore it and move on, but today I was tired and hot and grouchy. But I missed his stomach, so I turned around in frustration and ran into a pole. That is right. A pole. Head on collision. And don't worry, just a ton of sophomore boys saw and laughed at me. Not that I was planning on getting a boyfriend anytime soon, but it's nice to know that your chances are a little ruined by your clumsiness.

I love high school=)

day eleven: list ten pet peeves you have.

oh, I have many.

1. when people chew loudly. i cannot concentrate on anything except their mouth noises. it drives me up the walls.

2. when people breathe loudly. are you trying to fan yourself with your heavy breath? why are people so loud?!

3. when there's a small spot of marker on the white board that the teacher misses while erasing it. I sometimes stand up and erase it with my fingers.

4. tangled head phones.

5. when I completely space out and forget that I had an assignment due. 

6. when people copy me. ugh. it's supposed to be flattering, but it's not. it's actually really irritating. especially if it's word for word. ugh. yeah, you know who you are and what you're doing. STOP IT.

7. A-. hatehatehatehate. I'd seriously rather have a B+. you're so happy with the A and then you see the dumb minus sign. grrr.

8. when girls on facebook take pictures of themselves and post it, "No makeup." Really? So your lips are naturally red? And your eyelids are naturally purple sparkles? If you're gonna post a picture, at least be truthful in the caption.

9. Carly Rae Jepson. Her songs are so darn catchy, but they're so dumb. "Ohh it's always a good time!"

10. everyone being snotty to me because I'm a sophomore. This one takes the cake. It's not like you were born into High School. You had to learn the ropes too. And if it was hard for you, why make it hard for us? That's kind of hypocritical. And I also hate when people don't take me seriously because I'm a sophomore. I'm freaking smart and I have good ideas, but no one listens! grr.

wow. this was a really negative post. I'm sorry. I think it's because I'm so grouchy. so I'll lighten the mood with this video=) (if you like Twilight, I suggest you don't watch)

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