Sunday, September 9, 2012

I survived.

I did it! I'm alive! I survived my first week of high school!

Aahh! I'm so proud of myself! And I totally am IN LOVE with high school! I love it so much! I love having A B Days! I love seeing new faces (particularly cute boy faces)! I love going out to lunch every day! I love new classes! I love it all!

I'm sorry I didn't blog earlier. I was so overwhelmed and in shock. And I'm sorry if you talked to me and I ignored you or didn't answer you or just looked dazed. I was dazed. But now that I've gotten over the shock that I am in HIGH SCHOOL I can speak to you.

This past week has been full of trips to Smith's for last minute school supplies, stressing out, and sweating. Yes. I said sweating. That school is a sauna. I come home smelling like a barnyard. Good thing I just bought new gel deodorant! And perfume! Yay for sweet smelling things!

I am actually excited to wake up in the morning and go to school. Is that weird? Nerdy? I don't ever care!

Now another announcement.

I have discovered a thirty day blog challenge on pinterest. I've done one of these before when I was first starting out in the blogging world. It's actually pretty crazy how much my writing style has changed in a year (I started my blog about a year ago. Crazy, huh?) So I decided to honor my yearly blog anniversary, I shall do another 30 day blog challenge! Yay! I got it from this blog. feel free to do it with me.

So.. Day 1, List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I love food.
2. I love high school.
3. I have red hair.
4. I cannot tan.
5. I am allergic to watermelon.
6. I am Mormon.
7. I love to read.
8. I love schoolwork.
9. I love to sing.
10. My favorite food is Chocolate Licorice.
11. I always have to triple knot my shoelaces.
12. I prefer Converse to high heels.
13. I am an avid tree climber.
14. I love eating frozen Capri Suns.
15. I hate fingernail polish.
16. I love to ski (but I'm not very good).
17. My favorite color is yellow.
18. I love my puppy.
19. John Lennon is my dream man.
20. I love Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.


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