Monday, August 22, 2011

footloose and fancy free FRESHMAN

okay. today was officially my first day of ninth grade. and of course, being emmie, i had to be a spaz.

my first spazzy offense was when i tried to pull people out of their cars today. I got TONS of dirty looks but I had a ball, so what the heck! I also probably scarred a poor seventh grade girl when i forced her to go into the cheerleader tunnel, but she'll thank me one day =)

my second spaz offense was when I TOTALLY messed up on announcements. this is how it went.

Me: "Helloooooooooo um... Mustangs? We're going to have a great year? Yeah? Woot? Yay? "

I thought it was funny.

THIRD spazzy-ness of the day was when I freaked out about my owl lunch box. but in my defense, that thing is stylin' and cute.

Fourth: when I thought this random kid was my cousin and I made a stupid face at him. he didn't appreciate it.

I think that's all for now... I'll probably think of more later.

Either way, I started ninth grade in a spazzy fashion and loved every minute of it.

this is my lunchbox. jealous? I thought so.

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