Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ode to Roman

Hello Internet! Today I'm going to blog about just one thing... ROMAN!!! It's because he's a silly bean and thinks blogs are just a way for Utah Mothers to blow off steam about how "They're children's soccer coaches are ALWAYS late to practices" and "How my minivan is just WAY TOO SMALL." Well, fear no more blog readers! That is not me!

So for all you OTHER sterotypical people out there, this post is also for you.

So. Roman Clark. Probably one of the best friends I've ever had. When I'm having a breakdown at midnight he still always answers my texts. And he knows how to sympathize. Not, "Oh, Sorry. Hey do these jeans make my thighs look tiny or what?!" No. He listens and usually cares about what I have to say.

Also, the kid is funny. Not stupid funny. He's smart, so he knows good puns and jokes and witty comments.

Some examples:

Mrs Ozburn "Roman, do you have a question?"
Roman: "What? Oh no. I was just doing jazz hands!"

or: (this will only be funny if you know Mark Carmen and what he wears to school)
Me: Ugh! I have this annoying mark on my locker that won't come off!
Roman: Is it wearing Abercrombie Flip Flops and shorts?

and many others. but it's nine at night and my brain is fried from school and homework. so i'm blanking right now.



I love Roman!

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