Saturday, August 20, 2011

hello internet! I'm back!

hello internet and everyone on it! I'm back to the blogging world! and just saying that I missed it like crazy. but the last half of eight grade year was busy, and i was too lazy to make another blog this summer. but I'm back baby! yippee!

so where i left off i was stressed and DONE with eight grade. but guess what? THAT AWFUL YEAR IS NOW OVER! to be totally honest, I hated eighth grade more than any other year. too much leaving out, insecurities and drama. and school was HARD. but now it's almost ninth grade and I am pumped! I know this might be a shocker, but I'm ready for school. I'm sick of my brothers and my house. and I'm really excited for this year. for those of you blog readers that didn't know, i made SBO President at Millcreek Jr. High school! Yay! So I'm super excited. and even though eighth grade was heck, I still like school. although I could do without the homework, but I'll survive.

so now it's basically my last day of summer, and I'm waiting for Kate Johnson to text me back so we can finish our bucket list. so bye for now!

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