Sunday, August 21, 2011

why I hate the letter M

this might sound like a weird title to you all, but it's true. I can't stand the letter M. and there are only two reasons why:

1. Monday starts with the letter M, and Monday means going back to school. Also, Monday just means misery (M!) and sadness to me.

2. my computer is dumb. See, our keyboard is really really dumb and the letter M gets stuck ALL THE TIME. so when I type it'll be like. hey everyonemmmmmmmmm! how armmmmmemmmm yoummmm? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. IT. IS. DUMB. this is another reason why I love the backspace button so much!

anyway, I just wanted to have a blog title that had an interesting title. so now on to my last summer night last night:

1. it was very hilarious. I went to Whintney's house with Carli and Harley. all those girls are sassy and funny. i seriously almost pee myself everytime I'm with them.

2. we watched Something Borrowed. it started all good, the guy was hot, blah blah blah. but the ending? laaaame.

3. we found a lost bunny! this doesn't really need an explaination does it?

4. It was just perfect in every way. oh there was one little thing that was annoying, but that only lasted about ten minutes and then we moved on. I had the most perfect ending of the summer.

this blog post feels like it's getting long. oh well, better just keep goin!

So, my thoughts on school. I love Summer and all, and this summer has been a blast. But, I'm ready for school. I'm not ready for the actual waking up early and going to bed early and learning. I am ready to see all my Millcreek friends every day though.

This summer has been interesting. Not all bad, not all good. It's been full of surprises. Some of them amazing, some of them a bummer.

okay, this post is getting way too long. so adious (however you spell it) for now!

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