Thursday, August 25, 2011

the word of the day is: UGH!

today was bad
I'm really sad.
school made me mad.
and now GUESS WHAT?
there's a pain in my gut.
and homework from every class is a pain in the butt.
today was bad.
so so sad.

but seriously. today was one of those days that makes me want to crawl under my covers and never talk to anyone again. everything seemed to go wrong. getting yelled at, hard classes, stupid homework, my sister hating my guts... fun times!

to make myself feel better, I shalt name ten things that were good today.

1. i wrote a funny note to Kate in geometry

2. Casey and I sit by each other in Geography

3. Mrs Holbrook understands the pain of Jr. High

4. I had a nice nap in Seminary today:)

5. I love being an Alto in Choir.

6. Mrs Decaire makes science safety funny.

7. Kobe shared his Pepsi with me during student gov.

8. i get to introduce myself in the assembly tomorrow.

9. mr king is my the funniest teacher I have ever met.

10. I have two arms! (I've watched soul surfer recently. can you tell?)

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