Sunday, February 12, 2012

For Annie.

Annie is bored, so I shall blog just for her. 

So this is an ode to Annie.

The deal is this: we've been friends since general music in seventh grade. And then eighth grade we were attached to each other. And ninth grade we're still goin' strong. And I hope we go strong till we're 100 years old!  And even longer!

Annie does weird things with me. She comes up with weird ideas. She's the only one who won't judge you by what you want to do. I'd rather play dress up with her than go to a party any day. I've done all my weirdest things with her so far. I always love when I hang out with her, whether we're talking or doing something fun/strange. 

Annie is also one of the only people who doesn't judge me for my decisions. I can talk and talk to her and she'll just listen. And her advice is off the hizzle! (that means it's really really good). And she is honest. I love her honesty and her listening skills. She has a special talent to make you feel important when you talk to her. I could talk to her for hours and hours.

and now.. the list of the weird things (that I can remember right now) we've done.

finger/toe painting with chocolate pudding
multiple dress up days
Harry Potter related things
making a comb out of toothpicks and a ruler
Mr. Rollins' classes. enough said.
black lipstick
Truth or dare at Smith's for four hours
facebook videos...
Clarence the Hippy
multiple trips to the DI.
crying in corners
Julian Smith/youtube
taking pictures with random objects
Bowling. Ezra. Jamala.
ice skating for five minutes
pillow pets
carpe diem. carpe diem. CARPE DIEM.
old journals
Hurricane Tube thingy at Desi's party
Sledding with Mark and Jens in seventh grade.
that time you made me drink sweetener.
fingernail polish face paint

(most of these turned into inside jokes, so don't feel bad if you don't understand)

i love annie more than all the stars in the sky x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

yeah. that's a lot.

Clarance the Hippy
cool. DI. yeahhh.
braves games.
Star Wars.


and many, many more to come:)

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