Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This week has the promise of being long. Really long.

reaaaaaallllllyyyyyy long.

So long that I've been yelling at Jill from Dance moms this whole rerun episode.

So long that I had a blanket around me at school all day.

So long that the only thing I'm looking forward to this week is Dance Moms and that really cute Eban kid on American Idol.

So long that I'm watching my brothers friends play on their little electronic thingies.

So long that I just realized I have a geography quiz tomorrow. 

awww man.

also, since we're just talking about my life, I've decided that I must share with you my dilemma. I've been saying the word "dude" after every sentence. I've had to stop myself from typing it three times now. AND IT'S MAKING ME SOUND LIKE A REGULAR TEENAGER!!!

this is not good. 

also, I am texting, watching TV and am blogging at the same time. Skill? no.


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