Thursday, February 23, 2012


deleted my facebook.

pulled my hamstring interpretive dancing.

have had weird dreams recently.

and have been breaking out all over my poor face.

let's address the first issue at hand, facebook. I loved facebook as much as anyone, but I found myself spending WAY too much time on the Book and Pinterest. Lots and lots and lots of time. So I decided to change that. and my facebook is gone now. Which has been THE best decision of my life. Not joking. Yesterday, I came home from Student Gov made dinner, cleaned the living room, TV room, kitchen AND the Dinning room and did my homework all before Ma got home from work.

Yeah, best daughter ever award goes to me.

but this no facebook thing also sucks. My pageviews have gone waaaaay down. Like, from about 100 a day to 25. So your job is to keep reading! I'll send texts to all who want them! And I'm making my brother post this on his facebook so everyone will see! But don't stop reading! The web address is  or it might be @blogspot. I don't remember.


and the pulled muscle speaks for itself.

and so have the weird dreams.

and so have the zits.

happy Thursday!!!

I have red rainboots, just like this piggy. except mine are sparkly. and I thought this was cute, so ta da!

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  1. DON'T WORRY EMMIE! Just know you'll always have one Asian reading your blog :)