Tuesday, February 14, 2012


single. awareness. day.

otherwise known as Valentine's day.

please, gag me with a fork.

I'm single, and I'm aware. I'm not crying in my pillow about not having a guy. Not at all. I'm kind of dancing around because I don't have a boyfriend. not now, not for a loooooooong time. (I say I'll be thirty before I date)

as most of you know, my viewpoint on boys and love is closed minded. sure, i like guys, but that doesn't matter in Jr. High. Most (cough dumb cough) Jr. High girls are always in "love". no, you're not. you are in infatuation. which means a deep interest. or obsessive. yeah, i went there.

anyway, not to stray from the point, Valentine's day is always a downer for me. Watching girls get depressed from not getting a stupid candy heart from that "special boy". Watching guys blow all their money on that "special girl" that they'll lose interest in in a few weeks. it's all worthless.

And another reason I dislike this day: I'd rather have someone give me flowers, or something stupid, on an unexpected day. not a day that is planned (although, I guess it was planned because no boy can forget S.A.D. like they forget birthdays or anything else)

I'm sorry if I'm so negative, and if you love today, then by all means, enjoy it! But S.A.D. just rubs me the wrong way most of the time. 

So I'm celebrating today by eating junk and not feeling bad about it, getting corny cards from my friends (and giving out Star Wars ones. yeahhhh) and playing with my little sister. Not too bad, I will say.

if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.

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