Tuesday, April 17, 2012

classy chicks wear capes.

class: [klas, klahs]  adjective:

a person who is poised, graceful, mature, or exudes any of these qualities in dress, mannerism, language, and everyday life. Possesses excellent self-control, is gentle, soothing, and unoffensive. 

I love classy people. Love. I love classy things, clothes, makeup and everything else. Confession: the best compliment I've ever gotten was from a stranger, telling me I was a classy teenager when I was shopping with mama. It was grand.

But I think that the class award today goes to Miss Kayla Baird. 

She wore a CAPE to school yesterday. Her sophomore poster has a BRA on it. I know. It's hilarious. And I know these don't sound classy to you, but if you know Kayla, she radiates class in everything she does. It's just how she is. I'm extremely jealous.

I love the idea of classy so much that I have a pinterest board dedicated to it. Really. I love it. I love classy vintage-y things and people and attitudes and everything. 

What defines a classy person? well...

A classy person is put together, has an extensive vocabulary, can laugh at themselves, doesn't get offended easily, listens to others and is just a fun person that is CLASSY.

these are examples of classy pictures (from my pinterest board mentioned above)

Class.... get some.


this is why i adore my red hair:)

and to top it off... Miss Kayla. Classy, right? Yeeauuh.

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