Tuesday, April 10, 2012

life as I know it

I changed the name! I got really bored of the other one, so ta-da! I'm working on a header, but because I'm so computer retarded I'm having problems. Help?

Anyway. Today, in Utah, it was almost 80 degrees. Bliss. I skated around on my ribstick for a while and put on my new sunnies. My face is pink, but who cares! I love this weather. Love it with all my heart and soul.

So, this week has been awful so far. School's been sad, hard and frustrating. AND IT'S ONLY TUESDAY. Elections are this week, so I'm sad that my time as SBO pres is almost over, scared for the kids running and staying after school until four to grade portfolios! Luckily, me and Jessie brought bags of popcorn to student gov today and we all ate our hearts out. I licked the butter out of our bag. I'm totally getting diabetes, but the butter soothed my mood. And: MAMA YOUNG HAS RETURNED! After she had her baby and spent second term on maternity leave, we were all ready for her. Our sub was sick of us and we were sick of her. I love Ma Young. She's my school mama. We sing, and she calls us "CHILDREN!" and we laugh and she laughs with us. I love her. I love my altos too. We're all buddies and we do weird things (like today, me and Millie tried to do pushups like we were T-Rexes. Didn't work out so well). I've decided homework is overrated and just spent my time outside. If I could tan, I would be black right now. But sadly, I'm just pink.

Also, officer elections means that school is almost out. I, Emmie, am almost finished with Jr. High. You have no idea how excited this makes me. I love being an officer, and I love (most of) the kids in my grade and a few that I know in other grades. But besides that, I hate Jr. High. I hate the classes, I hate the dramatic kids, I hate the smell of the school, I hate the learning, I hate it. I'm ready for high school. So ready. So. Ready.

Also also also, English update: my least favorite class (but not by far, math comes in a close second). I'm sick of the stupid homework, poetic terms and crap. Sick of it.

And now, because I'm procrastinating homework, I shall list my classes from my least favorite, to favorite.

8. English. Stupid. Stupid. Hate everything. I read HP the whole class.

7. Math. Easy subject. But Kylee is the only person I know in my class. I seriously don't know all their names. And some of the kids in that class scare the crap outta me.

6. Seminary. I wish I had a better teacher so I would appreciate it more, but I'm so sick of it. At least I sit in the back row so no one bothers me.

5. Biology. Boring class, fun kids, fun teacher. But I can't pay attention to the subject if my life depended on it.

4. Geography. Love Anderson, Love the subject, only Kate in the class though.

3. Choir. Fun class, sick of some kids, sick of some songs.

2. Ceramics. Clay. nuff said.

1. Student gov.

kay i'm done now.

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