Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 11 and Best Buddy Blues

DAY 11:

What's in your makeup bag?

Okay. complication. I don't exactly wear makeup. I put on mascara half the time and if I'm going to something fancy I cover up a disgusting zit or two. But that's it. So the answer is mascara! And I don't even wear that all the time!

(and I hardly get gross zits, just to let you know)

anyway. teenage girl problem. I need a best friend. applications due to my locker by two o clock tomorrow. just kidding... but i seriously need a best friend to just hug and smile with and cry with and tell everything to. I don't tell anyone anything anymore...

this blog is good for me though, it gets out my feelings (not all of them. some of them i can't share on the internet... duh) but it's helping me. so i guess all the people who read my blog are my best friends. but what if it's some creepy old man that has no life so he stalks me? what then?! or what if I don't know you! LET'S CHANGE THAT BEST FRIEND!

I'm getting desperate. But not creepy old man desperate.

maybe i should go online. i bet they have something for that.

I'm the spazzy spongebob... where's my patrick?

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