Tuesday, September 27, 2011

kicks and giggles

DAY 9: a picture of the last thing you purchased.

bought me one of these bad boys yesterday... mmm

i need a laugh. a really really good long laugh. because today was really kinda sad.

the reason?

I need a best friend. I'm kinda lonely. Not in a sad depressing emo way, but I just need someone to talk to. And to not judge me for my decisions, someone to cry and laugh with and someone who i can just love unconditionally. I need that really bad in these retarded teenage years.

so to make myself feel better, here are some grand awkward family photo pictures =D

notice the burning hair... classic

and that, my dear children, is called canibalism

overprotective parents...

I just love this


precious moment!

This, right here, is a winner!


siblings love each other...

1 comment:

  1. I'll be your best friend Emmie! And by the way, I highly enjoyed the awkward family photos. Especially the Asian one at the end. Made my day :)