Thursday, September 22, 2011


before I start this whole blog challenge shindig, I'll just let you know how my week went.

this week was heck. i had to memorize a poem for english, do a thirty bug insect collection (i'm still not done! I need two more bugs!) and had homework galore!

why am I so happy then?


let me start with Volleyball games. I love volleyball, I wish I was coordinated enough to play. But I can't. so i just cheer my lungs out for our awesome players. and this week we dominated! we won the home game (easily. it was against farmington) and then on wednesday we went to a game at Kaysville Jr! they're officers and cheerleaders were nice (and it was the BEST to see Jeffrey again. I miss my jeff with all my heart) but their students? rude. they booed us. they screamed at us. i think they might've sworn at us. so of course we wanted to show them up! we won the first game, they won the second. the third was the most intense thing ever! but we won by two points:) GLORY GLORY!

and then the rest of my week was crazy. i'm so busy sometimes, i just wanna lay down and sleep all day. mmmmmm. and this weekend will be buisier. yipeeeeeee.

Okay Day 4. your favorite photograph of your best friend.

this will be fun:)

This is Ewica Joy Monson. I call her my delight:)

reagan tidwell ladies and gents. the funniest girl alive.

She's cute:)

bahahaha!!!! oh Madysen!

She is the love of my life

I just love this
this is mark. my husband/ best boy buddy ever

we're hot. and cool.

best friends for eight years!

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