Saturday, May 5, 2012


Have you ever been on Pinterest, just minding your own business, when you go on someone's page, stalk them a bit, and think "wow. we could totally be best friends."

It happens sometimes, okay?

I've spent my whole Saturday night on Pinterest, and watching Nextflix, both while wearing gray sweats and a gray hoodie. I look like an elephant. But I'm a really cute elephant, and I don't have a trunk. So it's all good.

I feel bad for all you people who follow me on Pinterest. Because I've been in an inspirational quotes. And crafts. I made a bag today. It broke. =(

But quotes just make me happy. Silly ones and inspirational ones. and because I'm too challenged to type today, I'll just display my favorites to you!

you can do it.


little and fierce:)


also: I've been listening to THIS song nonstop. Don't worry, it's the clean version:)

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