Sunday, October 30, 2011


I love awkward. Awkward the TV show, awkward moments, awkward movies in Seminary, awkward family photos. Everything under the sun that is awkward.

but the most awkward thing I love is Stake Dances.

Stake Dances are the definition of awkward. It's a bunch of sweaty Mormon teenagers spazzing out to a fast song, or doing the "Jr. High wobble" (as Olivia would call it) to slow songs. You eat microwaved food, otter pops and you just dance and no one cares because you're all doing the same thing. It's awesome!

PS: the Jr High Wobble is the dance where kids are as far away fro each other as possible while still touching each other. (arms hyper extended. that kinda thing.)

So we had a Stake Dance Saturday night that went for THREE HOURS. Yeah, three. It was supposed to go until ten thirty, but i was there helping clean up till eleven.


I had a blast. Me and my dear Olivia Perez awkward danced it out. and we did it with everything in our souls and hearts. and Kate came with me, so it was a total crazy fest. and this happened for two and a half hours.
and it was one of the best nights of my life. seriously. I'd rather be awkward dancing the chicken dance than going to a Haunted House or a party or movie. I'm weird. but I like it:)

AND I have a funny story to tell you all. it involves Desi Loveless. and Jacob (a kid with a Jedi Braid) and awkward.

so. near the end of the dance, Desi grabbed me and Olivia and made us come with her to talk to a cute boy (he really wasn't that attracive, but Desi was ready to explode). so she went up and practically screamed,

"Hi! What's your name?"
"Oh! That's cool! My name's Desi! What school do you go to?"
"Bountiful Jr."
and then she made the most priceless face at me and Olivia and bolted. I said bye to Jacob and his crew with Jedi Braids and walked away pracitcally peeing myself.

so then she keeps thinking she's never ever gonna see him again. and she keeps seeing him in the hallways of the stake center and she keeps screaming "HI JACOB!"

and then she went up to him (because she thought he was leaving) and went up and asked him for a hug. after an awkward one armed hug thingy, she said,

"I THINK YOU'RE REALLY CUTE!" and booked it away waving like a crazy person.

and then we see Jacob (by himself) walking away from the stake center at eleven at night. Jamie screamed at Desi, "ASK HIM IF HE WANTS A RIDE! NOWS YOUR CHANCE!"

so then Desi leaps out of the car and runs to Jacob, asking him if he wants a ride. he says yes and they awkwardly walk to the car together. and then we all introduce ourselves (and by now the poor kid thinks we're retarded) and then we drop him off, all waving like crazies.

and that's my story.

life is good:)


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