Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Challenges that I've missed.


At least I'm almost done!

Day 25- Your day, in great detail.

Okay. So I woke up at eight thirty for church and got ready, realized I hadn't washed all of the conditioner out of my hair last night. So I was annoyed. Then I went to church and was really tired in sacrament, and then I started to have a panic attack. If I don't get a good grade on the test tomorrow, I can't go on the jazz band trip. so i started to bawl, in the middle of sacrament. I ran out into the hall to find my mom, who was talking to my sunday school teacher. Awkward. So i ran to her and just cried into her sweater until my sunday school teacher went away cause of the awkwardness. so then I told my mom i was stressed and she comforted me, and we went back into the meeting. and she rubbed my back the whole time which was really nice. because that and playing with my hair really calms me down. anyway,

so then i went to sunday school and was bored. so i braided my scripture bookmark things. and then we went to Young Womens where Rin was visiting Camille, so i got to officially meet her. She's a sweet girl! and then we went to Mia Maids and got dots and learned about how special we are. fun fun. then I got home, went on the computer, and watched tv until about 2.

then I studied for geometry for about three hours (with breaks in between each hour) I'm not gonna lie, it was heck. I would say the h word but this is in writing and it's sunday. and then I played monopoly with my brothers and we all watched Monster House (which is pretty disturbing by the way) and then we had the writing contest and now I am blogging. fun sunday!

Day 26- your week, in great detail.

this week was HECK. the worst week of school so far, i tell you.

monday- i don't really remember that much. i just remember volleyball game and coming home and doing lots of homework.

tuesday- i honestly don't remember that much. just coming home, more homework, mutual (which was Oaklahoma, which was good, but kinda dirty for a mutual activity. it's not fun sitting next to your YW leader while the actors make sexual suggestions)

wednesday- volleyball game. we lost. I wanted to cry. the only really good part about this day was that Legacy has a playground. so fun! and then i went to Kai's to do homework and then Zumba. I didn't get home until 11.

thursday- math test. shoot me.

friday- getting math test scores back. i did average. i cried. then i went to kai's friday night and we played around and made her a pretty bride (facebook pictures to come!) and then we went to the braves game, where I hung out with my husband, Mark. I love Mark. He's my joy in life right now. But I'll dedicate a blog post to him later. then I slept at Kai's.

Saturday- Stayed at Kai's until about 12:00. then I went with my family to an open house for the extreme makeover family in Daybreak. You donate 10 bucks and they let you walk through their house. all the money went to Make a Wish. It was kinda weird though, it was liking walking in on someone's life. then I went home and got grounded because I was sassy, then I babysat cousins.

Day 27- my worst habit.

I stay up too late and sleep in too late. It drives my mom nuts.

Day 28- what's in my purse?

lip gloss
sometimes a jacket.

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