Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Family Writing Contest

Alright. So here's the deal, my family is really nerdy/cool and we decided we should have a short story contest, and the stories had to start with, "Hello" said the Pumpkin. But my mom wouldn't tell us which one was the winner, so here is your job. You guys need to VOTE on the best story. I'll tell you who wrote each and on Wednesday, the most votes wins. What do they win? BRAGGING RIGHTS (which are big in my household) so here they are, copied from Word:


Hello said the pumpkin who is there said the girl it is I the pumpkin king I’m the king of the pumpkin ptach  they   all bow down to me can I pick you then said the girl no! said the pumpkin I’m the king of the ok I get it but no but’s said the girl you can pick him ok said the girl so she pick the pumpkin  THE END!

“Hello” said the pumpkin. He couldn’t help himself the girl had been nice to him for weeks and then she cut him a mouth! He had to repay her somehow so he tried to be her friend but of course she ran away screaming. That night there was mayhem in the front yard. “Idiot!” called the severed zombie hand “why did you dooooo-ooooo it” called the bed sheet ghost.
          The poor pumpkin was sentenced to trail. “All in favor of freeing the accused of all charges?” said the dead judge zombie. Nobody raised their hand. “Send ‘m rollin down da street” said a drunk zombie gorilla. “All in favor of rolling Jack O’ Lantern down the street?” You guessed it everybody raised their hands.
          Rolling down the street the pumpkin was bumped bruised and dented and he fell down the gutter. “Oh why me?!? All I did was say hello to a nice little gggiiiirrrrllllll!!!!!!!” he said girl as he fell down a water fall. SPLOOSH he landed. Just then an alligator picked him up in the mouth “I’ll take you some where you’ll never forget. He took him to a pumpkin patch and there a girl picked him up and took him home after a few weeks “Hello” the pumpkin said.

      “Hello”, said the pumpkin, as it flew toward the boy’s large, round head. The pumpkin had traveled a long way to finally end up hurtling through the air, preparing to smash itself on the boy with the blonde buzz cut. He had been picked by a farmer in a city far away. He was not quite perfectly round, but he would make a great jack-o-lantern, or a delicious pumpkin pie, thought the farmer. He was thrown into the big farm truck, and then traveled along the bumpy road, bouncing around with all the other dusty pumpkins and squash. He got to know a few of the other pumpkins pretty well, but they all knew that their friendship would be short lived. As soon as they reached the farmers market, it was every pumpkin for himself.
      At the farmer’s market, the pumpkins sat at attention, and waited for a kind old lady or happy, young family to come scoop them up.  But as the other pumpkins were purchased, the pumpkin started to panic, and wondered if he would be purchased at all. Then, slowly, a mohawked you man wandered toward the pumpkin stand. He had big, blue , trouble-making eyes.  Pumpkin could sense this was going to be trouble. The young man passed by a few times, and then, suddenly, reached out and roughly grabbed pumpkin, running away as quickly as possible.
      Pumpkin sat in the passenger seat of the young trouble makers’ car. He knew things were going to end badly. The young man polished him gently, and continued to slowly drive around the neighborhood.  Pumpkin could feel his heart beat. Then, suddenly, the young man grabbed him by his stem. Yelling out the window, he threw pumpkin with a great heave. Pumpkin could only rotate through the air helplessly towards the boy with the perfectly round head. And just as he smashed all over buzz cut, he said pleasantly – “hello”.

And finally, MINE!
                “Hello,” said the pumpkin.
                “Hello!” said the Marie.
                “Are you going to choose me?” the pumpkin asked.
                “You’re the prettiest pumpkin at the pumpkin patch! Of course I pick you!” Marie exclaimed.
                Marie was at a pumpkin patch with her family. They were all deciding on which pumpkin to choose for pumpkin carving night. They were all going to carve pumpkins, and then put them on the porch Halloween night so the whole neighborhood could see their creations.
                As soon as Marie arrived at her house, she got to work carving her pumpkin. But there was one problem: she couldn’t decide what the it should look like.
                “Hmm.” Said Marie, “Should you be a happy pumpkin or a scary pumpkin?”
                “I don’t want to be anything like that!” said the pumpkin.
                “Should you be a princess? Or should you be a court jester?” she asked, ignoring him.
                “I told you, I don’t want to be anything else.” The pumpkin said quietly. “I like to be myself.”
                “But I can’t carve nothing!” Marie said in a panicked voice. “You have to be SOMETHING.”
                “I am something.” Said the pumpkin, “I am a pumpkin, not a princess, not a scarecrow, not a human. I am a pumpkin, and that is good enough for me!”
                “So are you saying that you don’t want to be carved into anything at all?” Marie asked, surprised.
                “Kind of. I like the way I am, and I don’t want to change myself. But I want others to know that they are special and they shouldn’t change themselves either. How can we do that?”
                “I have an idea!” Marie said.
                That night (Halloween night) all of Marie’s family members put out their pumpkins. There were sad ones, happy ones and scary ones. But Marie’s pumpkin was plain and simple, with a saying painted on it. It said:

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.”

put your vote in the comments on blogger of facebook. also, I'm having a post especially for the Blog Challenges that I've missed and for updating my life. it's gotten so crazy, but i don't want to forget any of it!

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