Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm not the stereotypical teenager: I like school.

i'm not at school
i'm stuck at home.
and guess what?
I'm SAD about it!
I'm just a sickly girl who has thrown up once,
and her ma won't let her go.
so i've been watching Awkward all day
and now I have a headache.
I wanna be at school.

I bet your thought process right now is:


but i'm bored! i wanna see my friends and i wanna do stuff on a friday night (which I'll come up with a way to let my mama let me) but I'm lonely. Everyone's at school and work except Elysia. So she's watching Dora in the other room while I'm on the internet listening to music.

speaking of music, new favorite song:


I know what will occupy me! describing my school schedule to you all! interesting!

first period: Geography. Easiest class ever. I've been in honors core classes all through Jr. High, but my school doesn't offer an honors Geography in ninth grade. Just AP, and there's no way I would ever have time for that. And my teacher babies us. She types our notes out and we have to fill in the blanks, which are written on the powerpoint. It's a good thing a lot of this is easy, because I can never pay attention.

second period: Geometry. Don't even get me started. least favorite class. I like having a class with Reagan and Kai though. I just hate the subject.

third period: seminary. Mconkie is the funniest most random man alive. "AWESOME!" and I love the people in this class. Kylee, Jacinda, Lizzy and Sam Faber are the funniest people alive.

fourth period: choir. love this one. Mama Young is so amazing and I love everyone in this class. we scream at each other and laugh and giggle through the cheesy songs. and singing is just the greatest.

fifth: english. LOVE Holbrook and sitting behind Faber. Poor kid, I harass him like none other =)

sixth: biology. Decaire is so great I could die. She's one of us inside her teacher body.

seventh: student gov. Love love love this class. we're like a family here. we tease each other, yell at each other, fight with each other, laugh and just love each other. And Mr. King is our crazy uncle who lets us run wild while our parents are out of town (analogy. obviously)


Day 19, a talent of yours.

Okay. Here's the deal. I used to be a total musical theatre nerd. I practically lived at Farmington Arts. and i was a pretty good singer. I still think I'm pretty good but not amazing. So I guess that's my talent. singing.

Oh! And I'm good at bossing people around!

That's a talent, right?

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