Saturday, October 1, 2011

DAYS 12 AND 13

Day 12: something you're OCD about

hmm.... alright. There's a few things, that I shall name.

because I'm addicted to lists, here you go:

1. in my house, we have a few kinds of spoons. and I can only eat off of the ones with little decorative lines on them. if i don't, food tastes funny and the spoon feels weird in my mouth and hands.

2. when my dad calls Desi's little sister Maig. It's MEG. mEg! not maig. uggggh.

3. i hate the number 3. and number 7. it's not really OCD but it's annoying.

Day 13: a fictional book you like

just to let the internet know, I love reading with all my heart. I'll read anything. Cereal boxes, nutrition facts, childrens books, anything.


Fancy Nancy books

Can't we all just be as classy as Nancy?

anything written by Wendy Mass

Princess Academy
and Junie B Jones books

... and these are just a few!

PS: update on my life... everything's starting to work out. not really the best friend thing, but you know, maybe I need just some time to think about myself, and how to make myself better and to just get to know ME. this will be good for me... I know it will!

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