Monday, October 24, 2011

Gives me HOPE.

I'm feelin' hopeful.

I've finished my Student Gov. Presentation, I finished my killer math UEA homework (Yes, she assigned HW over UEA. That's illegal), I got to see my friends that I've missed ever so much at school, Jamie took us for ice cream after school and... well ya know... =D

maybe you don't know. oh well. you can guess. hint: I'm a teenage girl.

But seriously, school days like today are the days that keep me going. sometimes I feel like crawling into a dark hole and never ever coming out again, but on this last really nice fall day of the year, I'm feeling good.

If it's the last nice day of the year, why the heck am I blogging?!

because blogging is super fun.

but on this gorgeous yellow red and orange October day, I'm just happy. how can you NOT be?

so: story time. yesterday, after young women and young men combined meeting (the most embarassing thing ever. don't even talk to me about it) me and Becca decided to go on a Sunday walk to the temple. Best. Idea. Ever. It was so gorgeous and warm and lovely. And I was with my Becca. how I love her. And we just caught up and talked about boys (that was pretty much all we talked about, that boy crazy child) and laughed ourselves silly. Oh, and we ran away from some vicious dogs. But when we got to the temple to walk around on the grounds we found out that it was CLOSED. What?! We were mad. We spent a good fifteen minutes walking up the freaking hill to see the temple, and it's closed. Oh, and I almost got my head stuck in between the bars when I was trying to sneak in. ooops. maybe that's why I shouldn't do that...

but I'm just happy, and Ours by Taylor Swift is on repeat on my playlist. now I'm going to go watch nightmare before christmas so I can get in the Halloween mood...

PS: I think I'm going to be princess Leia for Halloween. But I need a hot boy to be Han Solo... I'll find one.. just wait.

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