Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm singin' in the rain

Teenage girl emotion switch up! I'm pretty happy right now. Off the walls happy. Bouncing around the house happy. Dancing and singing in the rain/snow happy (yes. it is the first week or october and it has snowed in Utah. I'm hoping for an early SKI SEASON!) Floating on a cloud happy.

I'm just happy as a clam. or as happy as an Emmie.

a few reasons:

1. LISTS! (okay, not really but I like lists a lot)

2. I discovered a new band called Boyve Avenue. they make acoustic covers to radio songs. and since everyone knows how much I hate radio music... But I love them so much I could die. DIE.


3. other reasons. some reasons that I think I'm going to NOT write all over the internet. ya know.

I'm seriously smiling my face off. It hurts. okay. I need to stop blabbing.

challenge. I'm sick of this dang thing. but i gotta finish it! yes i do!

Day 17: an art piece

Picasso. I'm an art geek and this is one of my most favorite pieces ever. It has so much sadness and emotion sqeezed into one canvas. It kills me every time.

Day 18: 20 of my favorite things.

okayyy. I like this one.

1. Lists.

2. music.

3. navy blue

4. extra extra extra butter popcorn

5. musical theater. or just the theater.

6. my mama and family

7. boys ;D

8. good movies

9. sweats

10. big hugs on a bad day

11. being in charge:)

12. sunsets

13. church

14. Rebecca Dowding/ my young womens

15. My best friends

16. angry birds

17. Taylor. Launtner/ Justin Bieber (hot celebrities in general)

18. Keva Juice

19. rainy days

20. being weird.

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