Saturday, October 22, 2011

i found this... and I died

the following is a document i wrote in english when I was supposed to be working on my poem....
Once upon a time,

    There was a girl who was very bored in Honors English. So she decided to write a magnificent tale that is very heartfelt. This tale contains suspense, adventure and romance. (but not really romance because she was only fourteen).

On with the story!

    Once upon a time, there was a young girl. She lived in a small land far, far away. This girl was very bubbly and energetic (with a side of crazy). She liked to do anything that involved the arts. Writing, dancing, music and computers. Wait, not computers… this is supposed to be in the eighteenth century!
    Okay, so she liked the arts. And she also liked boys. She liked boys a lot.
    One day, this lovely maiden (we’ll call her Iemme) was walking along the road to school. When, suddenly, she heard a mighty growl behind her!
    She turned quickly and saw a big black mass following her. It was too far away to see any details. The only thing she could see were about twenty long, sharp fangs. She let out a loud scream, and she ran for her life. She ran so fast that she left skid marks on the cobblestones (it is cobblestones right? The eighteenth century this isn’t working out for me).
    Also, this girl made many grammar errors while writing this story down. Hence the blue sqiggly line. (she also couldn’t spell)
    Curse that green line! It’s driving me crazy!
    Back to the story.
    Okay, I’m already bored with this story. Look at me! I’m writing a very very long run on sentence that will most likely get a little green line underneath it but I don’t care so ha on you also have you noticed that Polar Bears are very cute I wish I could have one I also want a baby tiger or an elephant I would name my elephant Raja and you all would be jealous of my awesome elephant and so ha on your face again and I think I should be done with this sentence now even though this is kind of fun actually it’s very fun so ha again wow you are getting served today is it a bad day for you oops I don’t care so just keep reading my run on sentence except now my hands are getting tired and this typing is making loud clicking sounds and maybe everyone will get suspicious and Mrs Holbrook will sent me to ISS for not being on task wow this is getting long but guess what I don’t care so ha on you again wow you need help I’ve laughed in your face a lot now maybe I should go work on my poem nah that is too much work so I think I’m going to stop here so goodbye.

Dang it! No green line!



/     /                   IT’S A HORSE!               @---I--- ROSE                ((((((((you))))))))) HUG  The end!

okay, end of document. I hope you were entertained.

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