Sunday, October 9, 2011

things that give me joy

I stole the "gives me joy" thing from Annie. But I use it so much that it is 1/8 mine. so it's a little mine.

but seriously, look at these pictures and if you have a rock instead of a heart you won't smile. (or laugh so hard you cried like I did)

seriously? the happiest picture I've ever seen. JOY.

I love Justin Bieber, this just made me laugh very much though.

these are just a few!!! I wanted to font to be big. so ta da!

if you can't tell, I'm felling totally random and happy today. maybe it's because I drank mountain dew at Landry's after church, or maybe because i just am happy=D

=D =D =D

I'm such a teen.

soooo. blog challenge! i gotta finish this dang thing! goodness.

Day 21: a recipe.

here's the deal. i can't cook. AT ALL. I burn our pans and i make our cupcakes like soup. one time, i thought the recipe for muffins said 2 cups of milk instead of half a cup. so i put in two cups and then it was disgusting and bleh. and then one time at carli's house we made red velvet cupcakes and they were a sugary velvety mess.

so here's my recipe for the only food i can make well. RAMEN.

ingridients (i think i spelled that wrong. too bad, it's sunday) : you need a ramen packet. i suggest chicken or oriental. maybe beef on a good day. and water.

step one: start your water. but in a little less than half the pan full of water. high.

step two: crush your ramen packet. not into shreds, but into fourths is a good way.

step three, when the water boils, set it to a little less than medium, but not low. place ramen into pan. (not with the packaging. trust me on this, it tastes bad. TAKE OFF THE WRAPPER.)

step four: set timer for 2:30. then stir occasionally.

step five: drain your water. drain most of the water before putting flavoring. not all of it though, or it's disgusting.

step six: eat your ramen. to do this, you put your fork (no spoon) into bowl. twist and place into mouth. then chew by moving your jaw. swallow. repeat until bowl is empty.


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