Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm as gullible as a fish

fish... gullible... what?
I'm gullible. Actually, WE'RE gullible (I'm talking to you Kaiterade)

Funny story time? Yes please!
okay. So I was at my dear Kai's house last night and me annie and kaiterade were having a blast while Kailee was at nutcracker practice (yes, we were in her house without her or her mom for two and a half hours. we're awesome) and we watched Awkward and created a monster within Annie. So then Kailee got home and we started hearing these banging noises. and we freaked out and screamed and freaked out some more. and the dang banging got louder and it kept coming. so then Sue made us go down to the basement to check it out. nothing. so then we ran upstairs and told sue. and then we continued on with our happy little lives and watched TV. and then the banging came AGAIN. so we ran downstairs AGAIN. nothing. so then we decided to check outside, but it was too cold and sue told us no. and then kailee lost her phone! so we went downstairs to look for it because we thought she dropped it. and looked in Kailee's doll room.

let me tell you about her doll room. it's a room full of super creepy dolls that Kailee has TURNED THEIR HEADS SO THEY FACE YOU WHEN YOU WALK IN. and it has a whole wall full of dolls. chills.

so anyway, we opened the door and we heard WHISPERING. yes, whispering. so we booked it upstaris and screamed to the high heavens. and sue came out of her room to tell us we were all crazy.

so there we were, sitting on the couch huddled up and almost crying. hello? we're teenage girls! so then we kept hearing banging and there was no way in heck that me and Kaitlyn were going downstairs. NO WAY. so then Kailee goes downstairs to check it out (just imagine Kailee in a zebra snuggie freaking out as she goes downstairs. priceless) and she didn't come up for a looooooong time. and so me and Kaiterade were freaking out. and then I got a text from my dad saying he was here to pick me up. so i hugged Kait, and screamed downstairs to kailee that I was leaving. and guess who comes upstairs?


this is probably what we looked like

and this

So i yelled at them and was on my way. aahhh. the joys of october.

dang this blog challenge! I'm sick of it!

Day 20, a hobby of yours.

I actually really love making hair flowers. I made a ton during summer, but now i have no time and i can't! i miss it!

these were the ones that I could never figure out how to make.

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