Thursday, October 27, 2011

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okay, so it's nine thirty, I just got home twenty minutes ago and I haven't even started on my homework for tomorrow. awesome.

but I don't care. I'm happy. I'm happy. I'm happy.

and I'll sing out to the rooftops.


not actually just happy, more like extatic. more like bouncing off the walls.

life is great:)

and guess what? you're going to have to guess why. cause I'm not tellin the internet. noooo way. what if my creepy old man stalker is reading this and finds out and kills me because I'm so happy. go away creepy old man, no one likes you. (but I love you Kayla. Yeah, I said it)

another reason is because I found out about Rachel Goodrich. She's a freaking awesome artist who plays the uke and kazoo. classy. I love her dearly. Her song Light Bulb is my new favorite. Youtube it.

this is Rachel:)

I'm in love

anyway. today was a freaking busy day. I woke up, went to school, :), then had a basketball game. We lost, but our team is gonna be pretty good. there was just a black kid on steriods that had super huge arm muscles from North Layton. Woah. and most of their guys were hot. very. hot. anyway. the game ended at five, so i had to call daddy, go home and change at lightning speed for the choir concert.

holy. crap. best concert of my life. I love choir. we're like a little family. we sing, we dance, we scream, we yell and we just love each other:) and we've all embarassed ourselves by singing in front of each other. we're tight. I love those kids.

and the concert was just a blast. our songs sounded great, especially our acapella piece. i loved it. then Nightmare was a blast. we looked creepy and the song was great. but the whole time I was thinking of Ma Young saying to the boys, "Cool Joes, yeah! You're cool!" and I almost died. and the whole time i was smiling my face off, because of other reasons that are not to be shared all over the world wide web.

and then after me, Amber, Kate, Annie and Jake went to sub zero! And I saw Sam Hellewell! I love Sam! We go way back and she is darling! I love her dearly!

and yeah, now I'm home and I'm supposed to be working on biology and english and a map quiz, but I'd rather blog:)

my motto now:)

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  1. you guys were awesome at the choir concert! oh and you can make your blog private so only people you invite by email can read it